About Us

Our Mission

PlaBook’s mission is to close the gap of reading and media literacy, to bring back the love of reading, bring a love of writing and producing immersive multimedia content increasing quality and access to all, and to provide the entertainment industry with an innovative solution to the next generation storytelling. We strive to lead in Immersive Media Readers, bringing intelligent innovative engaging tools to the reading process, author / producing process, and entertainment leisure process.

Who We Are

PlaBook was founded to bring innovation to the book, to solve the problem of early reading proficiently, and to bring the love of reading back to all ages. Schools, districts, higher education institutions , individuals, and the entertainment industry utilize PlaBook because it’s the first-ever solution to streamline immersive media authoring and publishing, combine immersive multimedia with reading as an instructional tool to reading, provide unlimited access to engaging immersive multimedia reading content, and to involve a collaborative crowdsourcing process to storytelling.

Who We Serve

We provide cutting-edge solutions to enable educators to help every student read, to surround the world with reading and media literacy, and to engage all in the authoring publishing process. Discover how other schools, districts, higher education institutions and the entertainment industry are taking reading and innovation to a whole new level with us.

K-12 Higher Education Corporate Entertainment Industry
Schools and School Administrators Employers and Authors
Districts Chief Academic Employees Screen writers
Instructional Officers Learning and Movie Producers
Designers Directors of Digital Development TV producers
Teachers Learning Consultants Immerging TV and Film
Students Faculty Training Content producers
Parents Students & Parents providers
Textbook Companies Textbook Companies



Reading Literacy

  • Five Components to Reading
    • phonics, phonemic awareness, reading comprehension, reading fluency, and vocabulary
  • Two new 22nd literacy skills
    • Media Literacy and Engagement
  • Four Learning Modalities
    • Visual, Auditory, Tactile, Kinesthetic
  • Four 21st century required skills (4Cs)
    • Critical Thinking, Creativity, Communication, and Collaboration
  • Book Clubs
    • Use Book-o-Sodes to develop an interactive book club
  • Classroom Reading
    • Silent Reading

Written Literacy

  • Authoring
    • Engage in the four 21st century required skills (4Cs) to write, author and publish


Reading for the love of reading and entertainment!

Higher Education


  • Supplemental readers
    • Interactive content that compliments the textbook
  • Engaging learning content
    • Multimedia content addressing learning styles resulting in deeper learning
  • Immersive learning
    • Next generation learning
  • Reading for fun
    • Reading for the love of reading and entertainment!



  • Immersive Multimedia Manuals
    • Interactive manuals to actively engage employees
  • Immersive Multimedia Training Guides
    • Interactive training guides for deeper learning and higher engagement
  • Immersive Multimedia Handbooks
    • More engaging handbooks
  • Immersive Multimedia Instructions
    • Workplace instructional manuals and consumer product instructions
  • Leisure Reading
    • Reading for the love of reading and entertainment!

Entertainment Industry


  • Movie Books
    • Immersive Media Readers developed from Hollywood / motion picture films
  • TV Books
    • Immersive Media Readers developed from TV shows and cartoons
  • Book-o-Sodes
    • Social media, Crowdsource Immersive Media Readers used to piolet tv shows and potential screen plays / movies
  • People who would use desktop publishing technology.
    • Screenwriters
    • Authors
    • Videographers
    • Film Producers
    • Entertainers
    • Animators
    • Music Producers