Welcome to the Future of Reading

Explore the first ever Immersive Media Reader (IMR) a groundbreaking platform that is redefining reading, authoring, learning, and entertainment. A next generation reader that takes reading beyond print-to-text (digital) and moves it from media to immersive multimedia.


Meets the needs of every Reader

PlaBook was created to meet the next generations needs for reading, learning, and entertainment.


Immersive Media Reader

Uniquely using a phone or tablet, the PlaBook App combines immersive multimedia and immersive reader technology to provide the reader with an immersive interactive experience with multi-media that is uniquely interactive and thus provides an imaginative immersive state of mind.

Authoring & Publishing

A dynamic proprietary desktop immersive multimedia authoring / publishing tools with cutting edge editing. The content creator will build their stories using templates, navigation paths, media content and media immersion experience types. These authors may choose to add the following media: 1) 360 video, 2) high definition video, 3) panorama, 4) animation and 5) static image.

Crowdsource Authoring

Using a proprietary social media feature called Book-o-Sodes: Once an author produces a book series the audiences can talk with others about content and interact with authors using social media like crowdsourcing to inform the next episode.


A sort of vitrine display of all the PlaBooks that are available to the specific target audience.


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Plabook app enables readers to browse, buy, download & read ebooks along with multimedia.. Reader can enjoy multiple climaxes of one story.

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We provide cutting-edge solutions to enable educators to help every student read, to surround the world with reading and media literacy, and to engage all in the authoring publishing process. Discover how other schools, districts, higher education institutions and the entertainment industry are taking reading and innovation to a whole new level with us.


Reading Literacy
  • Five Components to Reading
  • Two new 22nd literacy skills
  • Four Learning Modalities
  • Four 21st century required
  • skills (4Cs)
  • Book Clubs
Written Literacy
  • Authoring

Higher Education

  • Supplemental readers
  • Engaging learning content
  • Immersive learning
  • Reading for fun


  • Manuals
  • Training Guides
  • Handbooks
  • Instructions
  • Leisure Reading


  • Movie Books
  • TV Books
  • Book-o-Sodes

Know about studio

Plabook Studio plays a vital role in authoring, designing, developing & publishing the ebooks. It is a desktop application to publish ebooks to be viewed in Playbook App

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  • design

Desktop application for designing and publishing ebook.

  • Author can decide the page count, content style, media files to be embed, page directions
  • Controls over time based publishing.
  • Best suited for Screenwriters Authors Videographers Film Producers Entertainers Animators
  • Drag and Drop Authoring
  • Drag and Drop Editing
  • Alterative Ending Books
  • Crowdsource Authoring
  • Choose Your Own Adventure Books
  • Book-o-Sodes
  • Movie Books
  • Documentary Books
  • TV Book Story
  • Navigational Pathways
  • 360 Media High Definition Media
  • Panoramic Media Static Image Books
  • Animation Media Smart Marketplace
  • Advance photo editor Audio Media
  • Creation with Ready Design Template
  • Manual Designing
  • Publishing
  • Republishing
  • eBook creation with Ready Design Templates
  • Manual Designing
  • Snap to grid alignments
  • 3 Dimensional rotations
  • Attractive Titles
  • Media linking
  • Page sequencing
  • Ready material